Root Barrier

root barrier installation houstonA tree root barrier Houston installation, also known as deep root treatment, provides protection to your landscaping, foundation, sidewalk and driveway.

Root barrier controls the tree roots from damaging your home, retaining walls, fences and other structures because it stops the roots from getting under your concrete and causing foundation damage, or cracking your driveway.

This problem is common in Texas because many homes and businesses in Houston are built on soils that are expansive and experience shrinking and swelling.

Root barrier for trees in Houston is usually installed between your concrete foundation and a flat surface to contain the roots.

This treatment does not damage your tree or stop your tree from continuing to grow and stay healthy.

The process includes digging a hole that 2 feet deep, installing a heavy duty plastic and then putting your dirt back. When installed properly it can last for up to 20 years.

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